Sinking in Between
Sinking in Between
Sinking in Between

Sinking in Between [2020]

'Sinking in Between – light composition for a floating form

'Sinking in Between' is a composition for a floating form in the water.
It is searching for the tension between layers of liquid and light.

The inflatable is made of a special reflective material that together with druplets of water and the use of light brings forward iridescent colours, reminiscent of ice crystals.
The floating form changes in colour, shape and shadow with the different phases of light during the composition.

The work is a meeting between artists Nicky Assmann and Cocky Eek in air, liquid and the interference of light.

Materials: reflective fabric, raft, steal cable, blower, tube, lights, light controller
Dimensions: 320 x 370 x 400 cm


Sinking in Between was commissioned by Klankvorm for Lightforms Festival during IFFR 2020 in the Rotterdam harbour and made possible through the generous support of Gemeente Rotterdam & Mondriaan Fund

Images by Pieter Kers

Concept & realisation: Nicky Assmann, Cocky Eek
Additional thanks to: Theun Karelse, Joris Strijbos